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Confidence & Self-esteem

We all have occasions where we feel low in confidence or self-esteem, but it can become problematic if these feelings negatively impact the way we live our lives.


Feelings of low confidence and self-esteem are common, and we all occasionally doubt ourselves and our abilities in certain situations. However, if these feelings continue into the long-term, they can have a negative effect on our daily lives.

What is confidence?

Confidence is a state of mind, a feeling or belief that we can handle the situations we are faced with. A lack of confidence is when we no longer have faith in our abilities, whether generalised or in specific scenarios, such as social events or public speaking.

We tend to gain and lose confidence in various ways, such as how family, friends and colleagues react to us. A lack of confidence can lead to anxiety and low self-esteem.

What is self-esteem?

Self-esteem differs from confidence as it is the opinion we hold of ourselves. If you have high self-esteem, it may result in feeling driven, motivated and confident. If you have low self-esteem, you may instead feel like you are not good enough, even worthless or stupid. This can leave you feeling isolated, anxious and even depressed.

Low self-esteem is a coping, protective measure put in place by our subconscious minds. Perhaps at school, a child mentioned something negative about the way you looked. As an adult, this may transpire as feeling low and unconfident about your appearance. You may not remember the initial comments from childhood, but the programming is stored in your subconscious mind to (incorrectly) keep you safe from repeating this kind of scenario.

As with confidence, low self-esteem can be a result of the reactions from the people in our lives, for example, a bully at school. Increasingly, social media is influencing unrealistic expectations about our appearance and even standing in society. Once the belief that we are not good enough is stored and ingrained in our subconscious, it can wrongly appear to be a fundamental part of our personality. It is important to know that we can change and that our personalities are not fixed throughout our lives.

Session Duration

Your first Everyday Emotional Health session lasts approximately one hour and thirty minutes as it includes a discussion of the consultation form. Following sessions can range from one hour to one hour and thirty minutes.


Your session will be recorded and uploaded to your Members' Area page so you can listen to the session and continue therapy at home.

Number of Sessions

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to hypnotherapy. It is very much dependant on the individual and the issues that are being dealt with. Some people see dramatic changes in just a couple of sessions, while others may need five or more. Christopher will recommend if further sessions are required.

How can hypnotherapy help confidence & self-esteem?

Confidence and self-esteem can be effectively treated by hypnotherapy, as it includes direct communication with your subconscious mind. Negative thoughts and feelings which contribute to the lack of confidence or low self-esteem will be delicately dealt with to help provide closure and for positivity to thrive.

We fuel our confidence and self-esteem with our inner commentary. This is the little voice inside our heads that can tell us we are amazing or worthless. Christopher will use techniques to help you become mindful of this self-talk and ensure that negativity is observed, accepted and discarded, replaced with positive affirmations. You will have a confident voice that can help you remain assured, in control and confident at all times.


Confidence and self-esteem are treated as part of the Everyday Emotional Health series of sessions available at Mindscape Hypnotherapy. Click here to read more about what this means.

Some people experience changes immediately, while others can take time. Reprogramming many years or even a lifetime of low confidence and self-esteem does not always happen overnight. Remember, each session is recorded to enable you to continue therapy and reinforce those positive suggestions at home. Listening at home strengthens the session and helps to make the changes long-term. You will also learn self-hypnosis, supported by an audio recording uploaded to your Members' Area page. Like learning to ride a bicycle, practice and repetition is the key to reprogramming the mind.

If you are already under medical supervision for the treatment of an emotional issue linked to low confidence and/or self-esteem, please consult your GP before starting a course of hypnotherapy.


If you have any questions about low confidence and self-esteem or hypnotherapy in general, please see the FAQs on the Everyday Emotional Health page or send a message using the contact form below.

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