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Everybody has nights when we don't have a good sleep, but if getting to sleep or staying asleep becomes difficult on a regular basis, it can negatively affect your waking life too.


Sleep is integral to our lives. It is a recharging process that allows us to function at our best when we are awake. We are all different when it comes to the amount of sleep we require. Eight hours is the benchmark we are commonly told to strive for, but some of us only need a few hours to wake up feeling refreshed, while others may need more than nine.

What is insomnia?

Prolonged problems falling to sleep, staying asleep and/or waking up not feeling refreshed is called insomnia. It is a common condition that affects approximately one-third of the UK population.

Insomnia can lead to increased anxiety, irritability, lack of focus and depression. Sometimes the negative emotions that are symptomatic of poor sleep can become the reason for the continuation of insomnia. It can be a cycle of negative thinking and feelings that fuels anxieties surrounding sleep.

Poor sleep can become all-encompassing and affect many aspects of your life, including your physical health, home, work and social life.

Session Duration

Your first Everyday Emotional Health session lasts approximately one hour and thirty minutes as it includes a discussion of the consultation form. Following sessions can range from one hour to one hour and thirty minutes.


Your session will be recorded and uploaded to your Members' Area page so you can listen to the session and continue therapy at home. You will also receive an additional audio download to use at night to enable you to feel comfortable in bed once again.

Number of Sessions

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to hypnotherapy. It is very much dependant on the individual and the issues that are being dealt with. Some people see dramatic changes in just a couple of sessions, while others may need five or more. Christopher will recommend if further sessions are required.

How can hypnotherapy help with sleep?

Hypnotherapy sessions used to change the unwanted emotional patterns associated with sleep can be effective for helping people with sleeping problems, especially those who struggle with a racing mind or feel anxious about sleep. It may surprise you to read that the goal of the sessions are not to send you to sleep but to overhaul your relationship with it. Each session is recorded for you to listen to during the day, helping prepare you for bedtime.

Christopher will work with you holistically to treat the issue, and because everybody is different, the sessions will be designed to suit your needs. You will also receive an audio download to listen to when you are lying in bed to help you enjoy being in this state, remaining calm and content throughout the night.


Sleep is treated as part of the Everyday Emotional Health series of sessions available at Mindscape Hypnotherapy. Click here to read more about what this means.

Improvements to poor sleep happen over time with practice. Listening to the sessions each day reinforces the positive suggestions to change the programming in your mind. When a sleepless night returns, as it does for all of us, you will be prepared for it and will continue to feel relaxed and calm, knowing that it is no longer a problem. You will also learn self-hypnosis, supported by an audio recording added to your Members' Area page. Like learning to ride a bicycle, practice and repetition is the key to reprogramming the mind.

If you are already under medical supervision for the treatment of sleep, anxiety or stress, please consult your GP before starting a course of hypnotherapy.


If you have any questions about sleep or hypnotherapy in general, please see the FAQs on the Everyday Emotional Health page or send a message using the contact form below.

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