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Past Life Therapy

Your mind can present to you a life from another time and place. In deep hypnosis, you will witness the most important events of a life unravelling before you.

What is Past Life Therapy?

Past Life Therapy is an extended session of deeply relaxing hypnosis that enables you to experience a previous lifetime. You will witness the most important events of a life unravelling before you. Feel the feelings of the past life and meet the individuals who made the most impact on their life.

No two sessions of Past Life Therapy are the same. Your subconscious mind can provide you with the most meaningful and beneficial life for you at the time of the session. Experiences may reflect issues you are dealing with in your current life, and you may receive advice and wisdom to help with those problems.

The session may appear very spiritual, and for many people, it is. But it can be just as powerful for those who have no spiritual or religious beliefs. An open mind is all that is required to allow your subconscious mind to take you on an incredible journey of discovery.

Session Duration

Each Past Life Session lasts three hours to enable a deep level of relaxation and enough time to thoroughly explore the life presented to you.


Your session will be recorded and uploaded to your Members' Area page so you can listen to your Past Life experience at any time.

Number of Sessions

Past Life Therapy can be a stand-alone single session experience. But if you want to delve even further, you can continue the journey by booking a Beyond Life Session.

What happens in a Past Life Therapy session?

Once you are deeply relaxed and comfortable, Christopher will instruct your subconscious mind to present a past life that will be most beneficial for you to help in your current life. The lifetime experienced may defy any expectations you had before the session. Christopher will be your guide as you explore each scene and will ask questions directly to your subconscious mind to help paint a picture of what you are experiencing.

You will visit the most important events throughout the lifetime, meeting and communicating with people and describing your thoughts and feelings to each scene. In deep hypnosis, the information will be made available to you immediately.


Past Life Therapy forms part of the Discovery series of sessions available at Mindscape Hypnotherapy. Click here to read more about what this means.

The session culminates with the passing of life, from the physical to the spiritual, observed in a natural, peaceful and calm manner with no pain or fear. It is important to remember that you are in complete control throughout the session. Following death, you will spend time healing and cleansing the body and the mind. You will observe lessons from the past life which benefit your current life, and you will be able to find closure to any unresolved issues that occurred.

Finally, you will be given a fantastic opportunity to ask questions and receive answers to a set of prepared questions and any others you may have at the time. The source of the responses could be from your higher mind, a Spirit Guide, a friend or even a family member. It will be whatever your subconscious mind determines is the most helpful approach for you.

What can Past Life Therapy help with?

Although Past Life Therapy may appear to focus on the exploration aspect of the life presented to you, there is also an equally strong therapeutic purpose to the session. The life encountered serves to provide teaching, advice and a sense of perspective to overcome obstacles in your present life.

The session can help to bring a great sense of wellbeing and a new perspective to your current circumstances. It may also bring comfort and optimism, knowing that there is more to the mind and life than perhaps we are aware of in our day-to-day lives.

An element of the session deals with healing of the physical and spiritual bodies, which is a technique that can be practised using self-hypnosis. A post-session audio recording will be uploaded to your Members' Area page to help you with this technique at home.

The scope of therapy is broad and has helped people in many ways, but it would not be ethical to make promises on any specific medical outcomes.


If you have any questions about Past Life Therapy, please see the FAQs on the Discovery page or use the contact form below.

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