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A deep dive into the events that follow a Past Life Therapy session. Take a remarkable journey beyond this world to gain wisdom and advice to help you understand your purpose in your current life.

What is Beyond Life Therapy?

Beyond Life Therapy is a new addition to Mindscape Hypnotherapy in 2022. Devised by Christopher Egginton, it is an extended session of relaxing hypnosis that continues where Past Life Therapy concludes: with the journey following the death of the physical body. The creation of the session was inspired by a client who continued describing a series of extraordinary events during the closing moments of a Past Life Therapy Session.

In a Beyond Life Therapy, you will become a traveller, exploring a spiritual world beyond our physical plane of existence. Via your subconscious mind, you will describe events that unfold before you, communicate with others and relay the information back to Christopher. Healing and guidance is integral to the session, and you may find a solution is provided to an issue occurring in your current life.

The session may appear very spiritual, and for most people it is. But it can be just as powerful for people who have no spiritual or religious beliefs. An open mind is all that is required to allow your subconscious mind to take you on this incredible journey of discovery.

Booking a Beyond Life Therapy Session

You can book a Beyond Life Therapy Session separately or as part of a bundle that includes Past Life Therapy.

If you book separately, it is highly recommended that you have experience of Past Life Therapy or Beyond Life Therapy. Hypnosis is a practised skill with results determined by a combination of mutual understanding and rapport between the client and the therapist.

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Session Duration

Each Beyond Life Therapy Session lasts approximately three hours to enable a very deep level of relaxation with enough time to explore the spiritual world.


Your session will be recorded and uploaded to your Members' Area page so you can listen to your Beyond Life experience at any time.

Number of Sessions

Beyond Life Therapy is a one-off session that continues where Past Life Therapy finishes. As there is so much detail to uncover in the subconscious mind, Discovery Sessions can also be repeated multiple times.

What happens in a Beyond Life Therapy session?

When you are deeply relaxed and comfortable, Christopher will begin by directing your subconscious mind to present a past life to you. Unlike a Past Life Therapy session, this will be a brief visit to evaluate the key points of the life and enable the transition from the physical world to the spiritual.

It is difficult to describe the stages that follow the transfer to the spiritual plane of existence as the experience is deeply personal, profound and expansive. Christopher will allow you to observe events at your own pace. It will be your choice to move onto another moment or place, and when required, Christopher will keep the session flowing to ensure the experience is as meaningful as possible.


Beyond Life Therapy forms part of the Discovery series of sessions available at Mindscape Hypnotherapy. Click here to read more about what this means.

Beyond Life Therapy is limitless in its potential, and you will find that there is always something new to uncover. Some key highlights from clients who have experienced the session so far are:

  • Meeting and communicating with your Spirit Guide.
  • Spending time with the group of souls or spirits who are closest to you.
  • Receiving healing, teaching and wisdom from a variety of sources.
  • Understanding what activities take place during the time away from the physical world.
  • Looking at how future lives are selected for your return or reincarnation.
  • Seeing other physical worlds that differ from our own.
  • Reviewing your progress from a group of wise spirits.

The events that transpire during the session will be what your subconscious mind has chosen as the most beneficial experience to assist in your current life.

You will find that the session will come to a natural conclusion, almost as if the mind decides that you have seen enough for one day. Christopher will then provide further healing to the physical and spiritual bodies before you return to a fully conscious waking state.

What can Beyond Life Therapy help with?

Beyond Life Therapy may primarily appear to focus on exploration and discovery, but there is also a strong therapeutic purpose to the session. Some people experience a sense of wellbeing and a new perspective to their current life. It may also bring comfort and optimism, knowing that there is more to the mind and more to life than perhaps we are aware of in our day-to-day lives. One of the fundamental outcomes is that it can bring a profound sense of purpose and meaning to your position in this life.

An element of the session deals with healing of the physical and spiritual bodies, which is a technique that can be practised using self-hypnosis. A post-session audio recording will be uploaded to your Members' Area page to help you with this technique at home.

The scope of therapy is extremely broad and has helped people in a variety of ways but it would not be ethical to make promises on any specific medical outcomes.


If you have any questions about Beyond Life Therapy, please see the FAQs on the Discovery page or use the contact form below.

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